Free 2 Day Trial General Terms and Conditions for Use

ACR Electronics, Inc., A Cobham Company, provides this beacon testing service free of charge for the period of 48 hours from the date/time you sign up.

You are limited to one free test period per beacon. Once your Hex ID is added to the system, you may no longer accomplish a free test with this beacon. This trial period will allow access to the basic version only, no GPS Self Test, only 1 email and 1 SMS Text contact and no trip planning features are offered in this version. In order to use the system you must provide valid registration information including a valid e-mail address, name, address, beacon type and Hex ID (UIN). Without this information, the system will not work properly.

All information provided by you during this test period may be shared with; but not limited to, NOAA, the USAF, the USCG, and Cospas-Sarsat in order to enhance the international search and rescue system.

In addition, ACR Electronics, Inc reserves the right to market services and products to you until you unsubscribe from the list.

By selecting Accept, I am verifying that I have read and agree to the Terms and Condition as outlined and above.