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Gps Testing

How GPS testing works
With GPS-enabled beacons, your self test messages also show your exact GPS coordinates.

Changed your course, running late or just want to show loved ones know WHERE you are. Simply perform a GPS self test of your AquaLink or SARLink PLB and 406Link will record your location so you can share it with friends.

With GPS-enabled beacons, your "I'm OK" messages also show your exact GPS coordinates, so loved ones can track your position.
As you can imagine, there are all kinds of exciting applications with GPS positioning, including:

  • Mark the location of trailheads, camps and other points of interest.
  • Let loved ones know your new location should plans change.

Note that with GPS testing, the system automatically plots the coordinates within Cospas- Sarsat standards (i.e., position accuracy to within 100 meters).


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