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Check Your Beacon (or Just Check In) lets you confirm that your beacon is working properly while establishing a vital line of communication with friends and family

Testing your beacon function with is very straightforward:
1) Create an account and register your beacon and contact information.
2) When you perform a self test of your beacon, a specially coded signal is transmitted to orbiting SARSAT (Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking) satellites - the same system used in an actual emergency. Your signal is encoded differently so that rescuers don't respond.
3) Once the signal returns to Earth (approx. 1-5 minutes), your message is routed to your cell phone and email address, confirming satellite receipt. If you have the 406Link Plus package, up to 5 contacts you list will also receive your text/email messages.
With one simple action, you've verified that your 406MHz beacon is functioning properly - and that it will be ready when you need it in an emergency. You've also reassured loved ones at home that you are fine.

"Will Work with My PLB?"
Most 406MHz beacons, including EPIRBs, PLBs and Emergency Location Transmitters (ELT), are fully compatible with the system. In fact, if your beacon has an external or deployable antenna, it will most likely work with If the antenna is housed inside the beacon and is deployed only during emergency activation, then, unfortunately, your beacon will not work with


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